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Bringing Quality PCs to Chicago One CPU at a Time
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The vision here at Halliman PC is to create and supply households with computers that are quality in build and financially accessible by all.
We build you a computer that fits your needs best! Our computers are built with only quality parts at the best price, something you do not get when buying a prebuilt computer.

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Why Choose Halliman PC Company

Locally Owned

Halliman PC Company is a born and raised CHICAGO small business! In "The City that Works," you deserve a computer company that works!

Turn Around Time

We pride ourselves in getting your computer built in the shortest amount of time possible. From the quote process to the final part being installed, Halliman PC operates with efficiency!

Quality Part Selection

Each part picked and installed in your computer are those of high-end reputable brands. Prebuilt computers often cut corners and install lower quality parts for double/triple the price. Have the peace of mind knowing your computer only has the best!


Every computer built begins with a conversation and that conversation is built on trust! Here at Halliman PC Company, our clients are informed of every part that is picked and its importance to their computer. Part pricing, labor fees, and travel fees are all discussed; we don't believe in surprises, you get exactly what you paid for!

We Value Every Dollar Spent

The computer component market fluctuates on a daily basis. Due to different retailers having different prices for the same parts, we make sure we get your parts at the best price possible (i.e. price matching). We comparison shop using Amazon, Micro Center, BestBuy, Newegg, and B&H to make sure we get your components brand new at the lowest price possible. 

Equity Initiative

Halliman PC Company's founder was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and has taught in schools serving diverse and underrepresented populations. His personal goal is to help as many youth as possible have access to technology as it fosters growth, ingenuity, and STEM opportunities. Proceeds from each computer commissioned directly helps fund a build for a local Chicago student in need.

Get a PC Build or Hi-Fi Audio Quote Today!
(312) 543-1977
Call or Text

 A message from Halliman PC Company

Thank You for visiting our website! No matter how you found us, it means a lot that you stopped by to check us out and hopefully this is the beginning of something amazing!

Halliman PC Company was founded on the core values of Love, Honor, and Truth. We love what we do and believe that should be shared with those we work with and build for. We honor and stand by our work, guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction. We uphold truth and transparency in the work we do and how we conduct business. 

Regardless of whether you choose to build a computer with us today, please share our name and website with your friends, family, and colleagues.

- C.L. Halliman, Founder

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